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Handle your finance

We will help you form better financial habits
so that you have better financial resilience 

Your financial freedom toolkit 

We are here to help aspiring adults make sound financial decisions and gain control of their finances. Unlike other financial planners, we will provide tools for financial freedom and resilience. 


Expense Tracker

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Saving Plan


Access to finance

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Financial Literacy


Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker

Tracking your budget is the best financial habit. What gets tracked, gets measured. The tracker is a place to record and track all your income/expenses.

Clear categorization of income & expense

Able to separate personal and business expense

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Expene Tracker
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Saving Goal

You can set saving goals and try to meet them by regularly adding to your savings. 

Set Long term and short term saving goals

Set custom reminders , to notify when you have to save

Savig Goal

Budget Planner

Planning to reach your financial goal is a good way to keep yourself motivated and form a good saving habit. The planner is where you can plan where your money will be going for each month.

Works together with your expense tracker

Set limit to spending category

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Budge Planner
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Improve your financial knowledge

The coach will help you improve your digital financial literacy knowledge. Go and try out the 21-day challenges over there!

Quizzes to test your knowledge

Daily financial knowledge to keep you improving day by day

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Your toolset for financial freedom

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Check out Companion App

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